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Steps to getting a puppy

Read below and learn how to find the puppy you love most. Please fill out the form below. 

Start Here

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in getting a dog now or in the future.  The steps below are more suited for people that are getting a puppy in one of our upcoming litters.  If you are purchasing a dog that is over 4 weeks old the deposit is $500.  The form still needs to be filled out with the puppy or dams name on the form.    

Step 1

Fill out form below. Make sure you include your complete address with City, State and Zip code.  Specify Which litter(s) or puppy you are placing a deposit on if applicable. 

Step 2

Click  deposit link  below to pay your deposit.  We do not schedule appointments without a deposit. We also do not hold a puppy without a reservation deposit.   CLICK HERE  

Step 3

Once the puppies are born please let me know  if you will be getting a puppy and which gender you will be choosing from within 3 days.  Pay the balance of your reservation deposit. 

Step 4

Receive pictures of puppies  or I will post on my website. Pick up date will be decided after they are born.

Step 5

You will receive pictures about every 2 weeks after they are born or they will be posted on my website. Please Do not ask for additional pictures, it is time consuming.  

Step 6

Pay second payment  via zelle, check or apple pay, towards puppy purchase price. This is due when your puppy is 4 weeks old. 

Step 7

Pick out your puppy at 6 weeks old on puppy pick day by picture or in person, or at another scheduled time.   To be announced after they are born.  All payments made on your puppy  are nonrefundable.  Payments and deposits can only be transferred. 

Step 8

Take puppy home at 8 weeks. Pay remaining  balance of puppy price in cash.

Adoption Form
Do you agree to spay or neuter your dog?
What breed are you looking for?
What size are you looking for?
What is your time frame for getting a dog?

Thanks for submitting!

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