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Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in the fact that our relationship with you does not end when you take home a puppy from us. As a family of conscientious breeders, experienced puppy counselors, and die-hard puppy lovers, we'd like to believe nothing can ever go wrong with our puppies. However, certain things are never in our control. A puppy's health is dependent on a lot of factors like genetics, exercise, food & nourishment and overall care.


We guarantee that our puppy parents are clear for the following (PRA/ PrCD ), and  VWD,   and will guarantee your puppy is clear  for the life of your puppy.  Some puppy parents and offspring will be clear by parentage instead of directly.  We Guarantee  Elbows,  patellas  and Hips for 2 years.   We also guarantee for a period of 48 hours that the puppy is free of disease and is in good health and require the purchaser to have the puppy vet checked within 2 business days upon receiving the puppy in order to make this health guarantee valid. If puppy is not free of disease at this exam you may exchange it when a new puppy becomes available.  If puppy is picked up before its scheduled vet exam the health warranty is not valid.  Bacterial and parasitic issues are not covered by the warranty. Puppy will have a negative fecal exam.  Your puppy comes with 30 days of free health insurance through that covers Congenital issues, accidents and illnesses. In order to retain the genetic warranty you must keep health insurance on your puppy for 12 consecutive months after purchasing him/her.  It does not have to be with Trupanion. Autoimmune and allergies are not covered as these have been linked to toxins, drugs, environment and or vaccines.  We will cover your deductible on genetic/congenital issues only that are covered by the warranty up to $1000 or half the purchase price of the dog if purchase price $1500 or less.  Maximum lifetime payout on on the genetic warranty is $1000.

Although we do our best to only breed healthy dogs, occasionally these genetic problems can randomly occur. Patellas must be a grade 3 or worse.  Hips must be OFA tested and be worse than borderline.   We also reserve the right, at the breeders expense, to have the dog checked by a vet of our choice before offering compensation. We also require all testing been done on said dog by a licensed professional and to be given for evaluation.


 Before this guarantee is used, we require veterinary documentation of the problem and all pertinent
reports, x-rays, etc to be sent to our vet for consultation. We may also require a second veterinary
opinion from a second vet of our choice (at our cost). If surgery is performed before the proper channels are taken there will be no compensation.   In the case of PRCD or PRA the buyer must provide documentation from a veterinary ophthalmologist. We retain the right to cancel this guarantee if the dog is not altered, in poor  condition, been bred or looks to have been mistreated or abused in any way.


You will provide the dog with a loving and caring home and, to the best of your ability, keep the dog
safe and ensure good health. You agree not to allow the dog to get overweight/underweight or to
unduly stress the puppy's developing body with excessive strenuous exercise in the first year of its' life. You will not keep dog tethered, or chained at any time. This dog is to be an inside pet only, not to be kenneled outdoors . This agreement is void if the dog is spayed/neutered before 4 months of age.
You agree to have the dog spayed or neutered by the time the dog is 11 months of age. You must provide documentation before the dogs first birthday. If documentation is not received we reserve the right to pick up the dog until proper documentation is given to breeder. We do not early spay and neuter our puppies as we believe this stunts their development. This will be your responsibility. You will be charged $1000 penalty fee/ breeding contract fee if I don't receive this in time. You are responsible for making sure I receive the documentation.


We recommend that you discuss an appropriate vaccination and health check up schedule with your
veterinarian. If you choose not to vaccinate your puppy, that is your choice
however, we will not be held liable or responsible in any way if one of our puppies is diagnosed with  a virus or communicable disease after leaving our home.
This agreement is also void if the dog is not on a diet that is approved by your veterinarian. Many
health problems in dogs can be contributed to or caused by imbalances or inadequate nutrition or
(unknown to many people) a diet too high or low in protein or from being overfed. We require that
you discuss and follow the recommendations of your vet regarding amounts and brands of food that
you are feeding your puppy.


Breeder has 1 year to fulfill a replacement puppy request. I cannot guarantee the same breed and size of a replacement puppy.  If new puppy has a higher value the buyer will be responsible for the difference in price. Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the seller on a replacement puppy. This warranty is not transferable to a second party. Seller is not responsible for any medical expenses incurred once the puppy leaves the breeder. Any problem which could be the result of an injury is not covered by this guarantee. This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements.  AKC Limited registration papers will be mailed to poodle buyers once I receive proof that your puppy is spayed or Neutered. If dog is bred without the buyer purchasing full breeding rights they agree to immediately give up possession of the dog to the seller, including all offspring or pay the additional breeding rights fee.  You agree to contact us immediately if you can no longer look after the dog at any point during the dog's life. We will assist you in finding a suitable re home for your pet.  

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