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How We Got Started

We are a family with 7 children and 10 grandkids.  We love babies and our farm is full of various animals with new babies.  I began raising dogs 20 years ago and have fine tuned our breeding program over the last 10 years.  Our goal is to provide our customers with quality puppies that will bring many years of joy and happiness to each adoptive family.  Our puppies are born and raised in our home nursery which allows us to give them all the socialization they crave.  They  have been on concrete, gravel, and grass, hardwood and carpeted floors.   


We also employ the early neural stimulation program on our puppies. They are dewormed and vaccinated according to our vets vaccination schedule.  Our children enjoy playing with the puppies and love to see them go to good homes. 

We retire our dams after they turn age 5 and they are put in wonderful pet homes.

We  breed micro, petite, and mini goldendoodles which after trial and error have found them to be the most family friendly of the poodle crossbreeds. We also have an occasional litter of moyen/klein poodles and bernedoodles. Our Bernese mountain dogs are livestock guardians for our farm.    All of our purebred dogs are AKC or CKC registered sometimes both. We are in good standing with both registries.

 Our sires and dams are chosen for their excellent health and sweet temperaments. Our adult dogs are regularly groomed, vaccinated, and loved.  We perform genetic testing on our adults such as hips, elbows, heart, patellas, VWD etc. Which is why we guarantee the genetic health of our puppies for life on VWD and PRA.

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