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Picking out & picking up 

We do not accept checks for pick ups. You may pay the 4 week payment by VENMO, zelle or apple pay.  If 75% of puppy price is not paid by 4 weeks, your deposit will be moved to the next litter available or you will be moved to the bottom of the pick list. All balances not paid on time will incur a $5 per day late fee.  Final 25% is due at pick up or 8 weeks.   All puppies left after they are 8 weeks will incur a boarding charge of $15 per day or $100 a week. This doesn't include house breaking. Housebreaking is an additional $200 per week.

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Picking out and picking up your puppy (please read)

Our customers are welcome to come and pick up their puppy.  A 4% paypal charge for all payments made that are other than cash or check. Once the puppies are born I will email pics of the new puppies to the people that have paid their deposit or post them on this site.  Those people will be allowed to choose first.  I will then allow the general public to choose from the remaining puppies at 6 weeks. 

The gender of your puppy must be chosen by the time the puppies are 3 days old and the deposit balance paid or your name is removed from the list.  Your puppy must be chosen by the puppy selection day.  If you will be moving your deposit to the following litter please let me know as soon as possible to let others behind you choose a puppy.


We use the Volhard technique on day 49  to help you pick out your service dog. 

Pictures are taken at birth then every 2 weeks after. Sometimes I have time to take more, however please don't expect them or ask for them.  It is a very time consuming process.

We recommend for all your training and boarding needs.   

We recommend The Doodle Groomer for grooming.  Very few people know how to groom a goldendoodle but Liz is the best.

We include:


  • Deworming every 2 -3 weeks from birth. 

  • A health exam performed by a licensed veterinarian. 

  • Health record for your vet.

  • Microchipped on request

  • Trupanion Health insurance that covers accidents and illness (30 days free)

  • lifetime warranty.

  • Puppy started on house and crate training at 8 weeks at your request. $300 per week

  • Early neurological stimulation treatment

  • A healthy and well socialized puppy

  • A puppy who has been fed a quality food.

  • A  bag of your puppy's food. 

  • Puppy bones/treat

  • Puppy safe toy with sibling/mother scent 

  • Dog door training starting at 4 weeks.

  • Temperament testing for service dogs

  • A copy of "The Complete Guide to Goldendoodles" written by Erin Hotovy, the cover of the book features one of our puppies, the famous, Oliver the Goldendoodle.  


Things you may need prior to pickup for your home. 

  • Leash and collar

  • Metal comb and slicker brush

  • Appropriate size plastic crate for travel and crate training.

  • Towels and/or newspapers for ride home.

  • Stainless steel or ceramic water and food bowls.

  • Rope, squeaky stuffed animal type toys. Kong chewable puppy toys. Nylabone.  No food treats for at least a week after taking puppy home. No rawhide ever.

  • Taste of The Wild dog food Prairie, dry Venison and bison puppy formula. click on the link to find a location that sells the food near you.



Please reach out if you have any questions or need information. 


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